From copper and cast iron drainage to plastic piping and septic systems all the way to on demand hot water and touch activated faucets, Krowne Mechanical has you covered. We understand the building and renovation process. Because of that, we can effectively complete our job properly and efficiently. Whether it's a new home, old home or in-­between home we can help make it the best home or business you could want. If you need a new sink and/or faucet, or a line to your new fridge or dishwasher, no problem. Toilets sound like they are always running? Easy. Need us to knock out the floor in the basement to add a sump pit, backwater valve or whole new bathroom? We're on it! There are no plumbing problems we cant handle.


Does your furnace need service or replacement? Or does your ventilation system need some adjustments? Maybe your new furnace needs air conditioning added to it? Krowne Mechanical can give you a well designed heating and cooling system that increases family comfort while decreasing monthly costs. Our province's temperatures can move nearly 80 degrees celsius from the dead of winter to the peak of summer. You want a heating system that can keep up to the cold and a matching cooling system to beat the heat.

Indoor Air Quality

Are the hardwood floors or casings shrinking in your home? Do you wake up with dry noses, throats or skin? A new whole home humidifier would definitely help. UV sterilization in forced air systems has become incredibly effective at removing odours and allergens as well as killing certain viruses and bacterium . Electronic air cleaners can pick up even finer dust and particulates than a standard furnace filter. We can even install multi­stage combination filters! Krowne is ready to get your air as clean as it can be so you and your family can live as comfortably as possible.

Water quality

Is your water is more colorful than you'd like? Does it smell like metal or sulpher? Or is it just really hard? Having clean, clear water isn't impossible. A simple water test can give us all the information we need to provide you with a water treatment option that works in your life. Anyone who has properly softened water will tell you that it is incredible. Even in the city, a water softener can improve the quality of your water drastically. Reverse osmosis systems allow for perfectly clean water right to the kitchen faucet, or even right to your fridge! Let us know how you'd like your water to be and we will get it there!

Gas fitting

Have you ever started the BBQ on a Sunday evening to grill some thick, juicy steaks for your family, only to go out and put them on a flameless propane grill......we have, and it's not great. We've since come to realize that natural gas is the way to go. We can install a gas line to your deck or patio to run a bbq, space heater, hot tub, fireplace or even a natural gas firepit! Want a warm place to park your car in the winter? We can provide you with a space saving unit heater in your garage in no time. We can connect your new gas range, dryer or fireplace. If its time for a new water heater, we can do that. Or maybe you're interested in a new on demand water heating system that only uses gas when you use hot water! From new home services to underground lines to the shop, Krowne can fit you in!

Everything else

The suggestions on this page are just the tip of what we can do. We are always up to a challenge and are genuinely excited about trying different projects. If you have any questions, concerns, curiosities or comments, please don't hesitate to call, email, text or use our contact us page to let us know!